Test Bench

fully automated system

Testing is essential during development and production. It provides information on the latest status and thereby indicates that everything is OK or that there is a need to act. 
With test bench from Flusys this important task is fully automated, which makes your job easier and records all events that occur.

Example applications include:

  • Catalytic converter test bench
  • Fuel cell test bench
  • Engine test bench
  • Filling monitoring systems

Leak testing – an important safety issue!

simple test system

Leak tests are the most common application for testing systems. The work in this situation is done by a measuring device, which is used either directly as a stand alone table unit or integrated as an active unit into overarching control systems, e.g. production processes. It can be used for leak tests either according to the relative pressure method or the differential pressure method (drop in pressure).

The automatic, rapid filling of the test item is enabled by pressure regulators and precisely calibrated mass flow controllers. 
The intelligent cascade switching system ensures optimum precision. It automatically selects the most suitable mass flow controller at the time, from multiple controllers. In addition to the fully automatic version (for connection to PLC), more economical systems with manual pressurisation are also available.

partially automated test system

Ease of operation thanks to an external start signal or touchscreen

  • Presence of any leak is determined quickly and precisely
  • Option to save multiple test sequences
  • Connection to external control system
  • Display and saving of all measurements
  • Protocol via Ethernet (FTP) or RS232 interface
  • High universal dynamics thanks to automatic measuring range switching
  • Display and logging of characteristic curve
  • Clear characterisation of the test item (OK / Not OK)
screenshot leak test system

Use cases of leak testing systems include:

  • Leak measurement and determination of flow coefficient on various assemblies (valves, nozzles, injectors)
  • Leak testing of hose clamps (--> Health & Safety)
  • Flow coefficient test unit for filling pipettes
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