Safety first

Industrial applications are known for their standards and directives… many useful and almost always unavoidable. Uncertainty, delay and ultimately delegation are the most common responses to projects riddled with regulations. Why not delegate this responsibility to us?! We have left the uncertainty phase behind and are able to navigate skilfully through the jungle of complicated rules and regulations, such as:

ATEX Directive 94/9/EC
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23EC
and many more available upon request.
With us, risk assessments and delivery of the resulting CE-compliant product as an individual unit or a Plug & Play system are a matter of course.

We take responsibility for your compliance with regulations and directives for safety at work. You take delivery of Plug & Play, safety-tested systems, which you can regard as a simple black box. Take advantage of all this time you have saved to do other important things, or even just allow yourself to leave on time for once!
 Our expertise in the process-specific design of systems also encompasses the associated safety review for:

Redundancy (--> Performance-Level A-E)
Hardware shutdown / Safety circuits
Extraction incl. monitoring
Ignition hazard assessment (Ex review)

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