What do you expect from a work colleague?

What complete Plug & Play system would make your work simpler, safer, or more advanced?

We transform your task into a complete Plug & Play system from a single source. 

Together with you we coordinate the choice of device for your application and on compatibility with existing overarching systems.

In doing so, we always combine high quality standards with specialist knowledge, which allows us to deliver efficient solutions that are worth the cost.

Process-specific design
  • Application-specific consulting services
  • Expertise in fluids engineering
  • Selection of materials and components
Electrical and mechanical concept
  • Wiring diagram
  • CAD drawing (2D and 3D)
Focus on safety
  • Hazardousness of gases
  • Risk assessment
  • Ignition hazard assessments
Piping, assembly, switch cabinet construction,
software development and visualisation solution
  • Custom solutions
  • Adaptation to existing interfaces
  • Monitoring
  • Control and regulation functionality
  • Programming based on PLC, PC, embedded PC, or microcontroller in C, C++, Structure Text (ST), VB/VBA and all popular PLC languages
  • CE declaration
  • Operating manual incl. parts list
  • Maintenance recommendations
  • Replacement parts lists
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