For high pressures – Dosing small amounts accurately and in a controlled manner!

The WADose range are intelligent, accurate dosing pumps for dosing tasks with liquids in technical centres, laboratories, for testbeds and production. Their area of application is the dosing of very small amounts (µl to ml) in applications from atmospheric to 400 bar. The WADose LITE is operated via a user-friendly keypad with a clearly legible display.

The pumps can be integrated very easily into control systems. The low-pulsation dual-piston pump is controlled by an intelligent control system with a step motor that is accurate for very small step and dosage rates. The pressure ranges from atmospheric to 400 bar. With the intelligent, optional mass-flow interface for a mini CORI-FLOW® mass flowmeter, the actual flow rate is controlled and monitored. A built-in pressure sensor can be used for pressure monitoring. Pressure control with this built-in sensor is available on request.

Special features:

  • Low-pulsation dosing
  • Replaceable pump head made of stainless steel or PEEK
  • Monitored control of flow rate by means of mini CORI-FLOW (optional)
  • Integrated pressure monitoring, pressure control on request
  • Easy operation and integration in control systems
  • Temperature-controlled pump heads (-20…+130°C)
  • Highly flexible due to various control concepts and housing types


Pump type compact high-pressure dosing pump
Delivery principle dual-piston pump with damping piston
Dosing range (standard) 0.001 ml/min…40 ml/min
Special version 0.019 µl/min…40 ml/min
Viscosity range up to 40 mPa.s
Pressure range integrated pressure sensor
atm…400 barg
additional external pressure sensor can be connected
Pump heads 2/10/40 ml/min
Pump head material stainless steel/PEEK
Operating modes Simple Mode
Controlled Mode
Medium temperature 5…50°C (optionally -20°C…+130°C)
Additional functions via mini CORI-FLOW - Flow rate control
- Density measurement
- Temperature measurement


FLUSYS WADose High pressure pumps
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Does my pump really dose what it should?

This uncertainty always exists if there is no option to monitor the pump directly or using time-dependent gravimetric measurements. Wear and tear or defects in pumps, unexpectedly high counterpressures, compressibility factors, lack of dosing liquid, leaks, air pockets, blockages – all of these may lead to a situation in which the desired amount of liquid is not transported.

It does with us! - Our solution!

Our special feature is that the amount pumped in combination with a mass flowmeter can be monitored and accurately measured. This connection creates a permanently self-monitoring control circuit. This makes it absolutely certain that the pump also actually does what it should! The simple combination with a flowmeter is carried out through our intelligent control system - this makes it possible to connect e.g. the mini CORIFLOW mass flowmeter via Plug & Play and even to configure it when required.

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